Concentrated value

The Fucina Artistica Boranga production epitomises the experience accumulated over the years and the noble Italian tradition of the mechanical working of iron. Each piece has apparently “almost natural” linear shapes and gentle tapering, which in reality is the end result of refined sensitivity and reproduction of the past, when smiths forged the hot iron with just the strength of their arm.

Uniquely beautiful products

The forged iron pieces of Fucina Artistica Boranga are truly pieces of craftwork, each one similar but never completely the same: the beauty of the products lies in this exclusiveness. Each piece testifies to the force that is capable of forging all the emotions aimed at recovering past traditions. With time-old gestures, the forge re-lives the rite of iron and fire: the smith beats out a strong rhythm with the forging hammer or a delicate one with the light hammer when modelling the incandescent iron to his will and sensitivity.

Malleable to change

Although a healthy respect for tradition and years of experience are the backbone of the activity carried out by FAB, the capacity to change and develop in order to keep abreast of the times is equally important. Starting from the trade-mark. With a modern touch to the original trade-mark, FAB is approaching the public with a new look, which subtly highlights the quality of its products and the attention paid to aesthetics.

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