The history of the forge goes back to 1925 when Luigi Boranga, having gained experience with well-known craftsmen, decided to establish his own business for working iron and other metals with a decidedly artistic propensity in the production.

A true passion for what is beautiful, passed down from father to son: the tradition continued with his son Gianfranco in 1965, when the business took on the name Fucina Artistica Boranga.

The business has grown considerably over the last twenty years, both at home and abroad, due to the fact that the taste for wrought-iron work has no longer been limited to a small circle of “connoisseurs”, but has become an object of interest for a much wider market.

The range of gates offered by Fucina Artistica Boranga covers the most important styles in wrought iron: medieval, baroque, the late nineteenth-century residence, liberty and present modernity. In keeping with the latest design trends, the gate no longer represents an impassable defence barrier, but becomes a mobile screen to delimit two spaces, private and public, enhancing the balance of spaces and proportions, as well as ensuring a pleasant visual continuity.

The gates shown in the catalogue have been made both with standard components, available in stock, and with components made to measure. The final section of the catalogue contains a vast range of models which act as a guide to the craftsman in creating the finished product, according to the specific requirements and tastes of the end user.

Uniquely beautiful products

The forged iron pieces of Fucina Artistica Boranga are truly pieces of craftwork, each one similar but never completely the same: the beauty of the products lies in this exclusiveness. Each piece testifies to the force that is capable of forging all the emotions aimed at recovering past traditions. With time-old gestures, the forge re-lives the rite of iron and fire: the smith beats out a strong rhythm with the forging hammer or a delicate one with the light hammer when modelling the incandescent iron to his will and sensitivity